5 Ways to Splurge on a Budget

This Saturday is National Splurge Day so get your credit cards, checks, and cold-hard cash ready for a day of spending. Now that I think about it, this “holiday” was probably created by a corporation or the US Department of Economics. Since we’re a team of broke gals and guy, we have some tips for you on how to splurge while on a budget.

1. Sample, sample, sample
Feeling hungry? Feeling adventurous? Feeling like you have a giant patience bank when it comes to crowds and parking lots? Then head on up to your local Sam’s Club and fill up on all the samples your little stomachs can hold. Sam’s Club offers a one-day pass so you can go in, have a king’s banquet of fun-size morsels of food, then get out before you’re roped into a $300 a year membership. If you have no shame, go up to the little sample cart as often as possible. If you do have shame, bring a change of shirts or a hat or a pair of glasses to disguise yourself when going up for seconds or thirds or fourths. We won’t tell.

2. Thrifty Thrift Store Shopping
Ah, the thrift store. A lost form of consumerism brought back into the mainstream thanks to Macklemore. There’s tons of cool stuff you can find at a thrift store: clothing, electronics, toys, housewares, you name it. Why spring for a new $200 Apple iPod when you can probably get a Microsoft Zune for $5? Who needs that new Beyoncé album when there’s piles of 98 Degrees, O-Town, and Mandy Moore CDs within your reach? When splurging, it’s quantity over quality.


3. Travel Like Ysa
Ysa has some great tips on how to travel smart and cheap as shared in an older blog post.

1.A typical ticket to Europe costs about $900. Stop going out to eat shopping so much! Start putting those dollars away. You’ll be surprised how quickly they add up.


2. If your dates are flexible, go during the off season for super discounts! I flew to France for $500 during November. It can be even cheaper if you book flight-hotel.


3. Hostels are a wonderful way to meet people and save bunches. Read reviews and I promise, you won’t be robbed or taken prisoner. I’ve met so many delightful people in hostels that have offered up their homes in other countries should I ever want to visit. Little do they know, I absolutely will.

4. Couponing?
You can always get into couponing. Although you can’t be nonchalant about it if you want the savings. You need to be HARDCORE. Like have 5 coupons for each item you’re buying hardcore. Like hold up the line behind you an extra 15 minutes because of all the coupons the cashier has to ring in hardcore. In fact, forget coupons. No one likes extreme couponers for a multitude of reasons. Just get a rewards program membership like Meijer mPerks or something.


5. Power (Through Some) Outlets
Outlet mall shopping provides a bunch of opportunities for you to buy a bunch of stuff for not a terrible amount of money. Might have to take a hike out to Auburn Hills for Great Lakes Crossing or way up towards Frankenmuth for the dying carcass of Birch Run. Instead of getting those new Nikes for $120, you can get them for $70. Might seem like a lot still but not compared to $120! Savings and its magnitude are all in the eye of the beholder.



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