The Story of MuseTracks


In September 2015, I attended the screening of Michael Bolton’s documentary, “Gotta Keep Dreamin” at the Fox Theatre, in Detroit, Michigan. Covering music, art and business, the film highlights the developments and positive changes happening in the city.

Having attended Wayne State University in Detroit since 2008 and making frequent trips downtown, I had personally seen the changes happening over time. I knew that the music scene was thriving. I knew that artists were leaving their mark. I knew that young professionals were finding jobs downtown, starting their own businesses, and actually excited to move back to the city. But for whatever reason, it took going to the screening to create a cohesive picture of what was happening.


In between clips of the film, panels involving billionaires, musicians and young, start-up entrepreneurs, were held. All were contributing to the city, and all were making an impact. Watching and listening to the stories of people pursuing their passions left me inspired. One of my own passions has always been to learn the stories of individuals. I believe that everyone has something unique and interesting to say.

I also believe that often times, the real stories of the people in businesses, music, art, and other industries become concealed by articles covering what they do. Readers are often left with content that is repetitive and even boring.

MuseTracks is a website that is dedicated to telling the stories of people and their passions. What you, as the reader, will find here are stories of people working hard to build a business, people who dedicate thousands of hours to making music, people who have spent a lot of money on art supplies, or just people who have something compelling to share with the rest of the world.


The idea behind MuseTracks does not stop at just sharing the stories of others. Rather, our mission is to inspire YOU to go after whatever it is that you love. Remember that feeling you get when you’ve watched an epic action movie? How about after your favorite sports team wins a championship? Hopefully, each story you read here will cultivate that same feeling inside of you. These are real people doing really amazing things. I want you to know that you can do that, too.

So, I hope you’ll join me in fostering a community of people who share their stories, support one another, and push each other to live a life that is full of passion, drive and frankly, doing something really cool.


February 2016