The Team

Karolina, Editor-in-Chief
Karolina is the founder of MuseTracks and a proud graduate of Wayne State University (Go Warriors!). Karolina has always had a passion for getting to know people, their interests and goals. That coupled with being a believer in others overcoming fear and pursuing their dreams, led to the creation of this website. She’s constantly on the hunt to learn something new, through books, film and interesting people. Karolina can often be found at brunch, pretending she can sing like Adele, browsing Spotify and planning her next vacation.

Sam, Director of Written Content & Editor
A Michigan State grad with a degree in statistics and obscure thinking (a.k.a. political science and philosophy), Sam is a strong believer in the idea that people’s stories can offer others the opportunity to learn new things about themselves. Sam is also a huge fan of reading and strong cups of coffee. When she’s not trying to channel her inner scholar, Sam can be found looking up puppy pictures on Instagram and trying to be a comedian.

Ysa, Director of Multimedia Content
Ysa Buitrago graduated from Wayne State University with a degree in film (which she likes telling people about, because she thinks it makes her sound edgy). She always wanted to be an actor growing up, but decided she likes being in charge of everything instead. Ysa loves getting to know people through a camera and telling stories through visual media. Her other favorite past times include watching Harry Potter, cooking, talking too loud and drinking good beer.

Zach “Grubes,” Social Media Guy & Master of the Lists
Zach, more affectionately known as Grubes, is a graduate of the University of Michigan and Oakland University. He’s a young(ish) marketer and social media enthusiast who enjoys sporty and nerdy things. Yes, that is actually a possible combo. He’s a huge Red Wings, Pistons, Tigers, Lions (yeah, we know) and Michigan Wolverines fan, while also being a fan of Doctor Who, Pokemon, Steven Universe and the WWE. Through MuseTracks, he hopes you get the itch to unleash your creative side after reading about the brilliant people and places on our site.

Other Contributors:
Erica, Editor & Content Development
Bat Dog, Recreation Specialist & Security